Thursday, 22 April 2010

Location and Pictures

Reproduced from Ordnance Survey data by permission of Ordnance Survey c.Crown copyright - winipaedia maps

The Church That Time Forgot!
Not so much find the church - more find the sign!!

Here it is again among the brambles - thought it had been taken down at first!

View of the church across the field.

The view from the church lane - you have to go throguh the field to get to the church.

Another view across the field.

Crunwere's porch and cobbled path

Crunwere Church in the frost

The ruins of the Reverend's stable

The church's small carpark

Church's small carpark and yew tree

Sign on A477 opposite Llanteg Garage to direct people up the narrow church lane -
once the main route through the village.
Which will go first I wonder - the lettering off the sign or the church itself?

The top gate into the new churchyard - this was once the main gate into the church when
the doorway was in the base of the tower

Church carpark

Stile in wall into churchyard

Stile in wall - looking west along the wall which goes around the new yard

Church gate

Detail of church tower

Church tower

Stile in wall - looking from inside the yard

Eastern end of carpark

Old gravestone embedded in the South Chancel wall

Windows in base of tower.  This was once where the old doorway into the church had been

Church building now fenced off as unsafe

The old gatepost

Sunday School Party at Llanteglos.
I can recognise Margaret Glanville (later Hooper)
Millie Phillips Middleton and Pattie Phillips Sparrowsnest
(Any help with the other people or the vicar welcome)