Thursday, 22 April 2010

Tour Inside Crunwere Church

Virtual Tour of St Elidyr Church, Crunwere

(90+ Photographs)
(There are also the same photographs here - they are recorded on the Geograph website as well because no-one can now gain entry to the church as it is officially redundant and the more accessible the photographs are the better.)
Crunwere Church - named Lann Cronnguern in the 12th century Book of Llandaff.
Of limestone rubble construction.
Rebuilt in 1843 (when the South Transept was added).
Restored in 1878 at a cost of £550 (with the exception of the North Transept and Tower).
A medieval church central within an earthwork of a disappeared village site.
Sadly now declared redundant, so here is a virtual tour showing most of the main features of St Elidyrs:-


Isolated location
Church tower

Decoration above porch

South porch rebuilt in 1878 on site of earlier porch. Decoration added by Hugh James of Arfryn

Vent in south wall of South Transept could indicate that there is an underground chamber (may have been added in 1878 when built)

Gravestone embedded in the outside wall of the South Transept. Stone states:
Near this wall lies the body of John Howell A.M. The son of Reynold Howell of Trenewyed, Gent. He was sometime Rector of New Radnor but in the year of Trial 1691 was deprived of all that he could not keep with a good conscience. Who died Jan. 17th 1727, aged 70. (A stone tablet in memory of a non-juring clergyman)

Ordnance Survey Trig Plate on south wall of South Transept

Crunwere Church and carpark

Church approach through field


Old door into church
Inside of doorway
Restoration Fund box just inside doorway

Memorial to right of doorway in Nave to Augusta Louisa Philipps of Oakland who died in in 1892 aged 25yrs
Memorial to left of doorway in Nave to Talbot Davies who died in 1907 aged 32 yrs - interred at Mount Pleasant Cemetary, Seattle


32ft x 18ft

North Nave Window
Called the Broomylake Window - with a representation of the farm in the top roundelle. In memory of Alfred James (Churchwarden for 25yrs - died 1950), his wife Elizabeth (died 1939) and their daughter Evelyn (died 1931)

South Nave window
The Lord and his Mother - in memory of Benjamin Hancock Morris (died 1941), Elizabeth his wife (died1949) and their daughter Annie (died 1936)

View down aisle to altar
Memorial plaque to Hugh Slader Glanville who died at Gaza in the 1st World War - Interred at Beersheba in 1917 aged 25yrs
(This plaque was relocated to Llanteg Hall in November 2009 as the church is now closed and redundant.)
View into North and South Transepts

Two plain windows

One of many old gas lamps still in place

View west back down aisle

The Pulpit

Views from the pulpit:-

South Transept
Down aisle
Poor photograph showing wooden ceilings
Looking into North Transept


Tiled floors apparently date from the 1878 renovations
(suspended floors in 60% of church)

Possible under floor heating in 5% of church


14ft x 11ft
View into South Transept
Gravestone of Ann, daughter of Robert and ELizabeth Morgan of Trenewydd who died in 1826 aged 8yrs


14ft x 11ft

Plaque to Mr Benjamin Jones of Heatherland who bequeathed money in his Will for the instalation of electicity to church - A faithful and zealous Warden of this parish for over 40 years

View into North Transept

Gravestone of Thomas Davies, late of Lanteague Esq, who died in 1706 aged 98yrs


15ft x 12ft

Rood beam
Wooden Rood Beam erected in memory of Robert Davies late of Greenacre (1861-1936) and his wife Emma E. (1866-1945). A gift of their son Paul Davies, Faith, Judy and Paul Junior, California (1957)

East window over altar

Victorian stained glass window over altar gifted by the late Mrs Georgiana Morgan of Heatherland in memory of her husband Rev'd Richard Morgan (a son of Trenewydd)

Small Vestry window

Small door into Vestry - brass plaque records that the carpet in the Sanctuary was given in memory of Margaret Bowen by her husband Mr I.B.Bowen, Churchwarden, in 1974

Reredos - oak panelling behind the altar in memory on Thomas Jones (Priest) and Jane Morgan (erected by Emma Jane Jones in 1934)
Gravestone of the Dalton family - Ann, wife of Rev'd Thomas Dalton, Rector of Crunwere who died in 1815 (aged 76yrs), their daughter in 1818 (aged 41yrs) and their son John, Gent, Surgeon, who died in 1822 (aged 41yrs)

Ten Commandments either side of altar


Heavy oak font lid in memory of Mabel Prosser (died 1950) - given by her sister Patty Davies of Sparrowsnest

View of font and towards altar


17ft x 16ft

Dates from the mid 16th century

Of traditional Pembrokeshire type with three storeys. The western door was blocked up and a window installed.

Cross on door into base of tower area

Hatch and bellrope in base of tower

Western window (once the doorway)

Door up to tower

Three apertures for bellropes (only one in use)

West window where indentations from staircase are only just visible top right above window