Thursday, 28 July 2016

Crunwere Church, July 2016

 Visited the church on 27th July 2016.
No cows in field thank goodness but lots of cowpats.
When I reached the car park area found that the gate was broken and unmovable - could not even manage to squeeze through.
Was not going to give up so got in through the broken wooden fence on the north of the car park. The only protection to stop any cows is a single line of barbed wire.
Very sad to see the state of the church and lots of overgrown graves.

Only access to lower gate is through the broken fence.

Car park gate broken and unmovable

  Trees and bushes growing up high

Path down to lower yard

Wall plaque


Steps down to lower yard

Overgrown graves inside fencing

Diverted fencing - at one time it went straight across the front of the graves
Stake holes still visible in graves as shown below.

Overgrown area north of church

Steps up from lower yard

South trancept - there is a window under that greenery

Path by porch - but inside the fencing

Car park area - like a lawn these days as cars cannot get in at all.